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CanWest is a Canadian company specializing in products designed to modify the Lee-Enfield for sporting applications. Our first effort is the CanWest trigger.

If you love old rimmed cartridges, this trigger is the answer. Use your imagination and a No. 4 action to build a rifle in 45-70, 444 Marlin, 375 JDJ, 30-40 Krag or any of the Epps Cartridges. Use spitzer bullets - no tubular magazine to worry about. With our trigger and a good barrel, get groups of 1 MOA or better from your Lee. It's your opportunity to build the ultimate in a guide gun!

Read what Steve Regwell of 303British.com has to say about these triggers!

Read what Peter Cousins has to say about the accuracy of the Lee-Enfield #4 and his Lothar Walther barrel.



Canwest is now a Distribution Agent for Lothar Walther barrels. Check out our introductory specials!


Is the 303 British obsolete?? Perfect cartridge conversions. more


Read about our newest scope mount!



• Military barrels for Lee-Enfield & 98 Mausers.

• Exact duplicates produced by Lothar Walther for Lee-Enfield and Mauser actions.

Only $399 plus shipping and handling. Contact us.

How our Barrel Program works.

jungle carbine and #1 MK3 replacement barrels


We can supply any Lothar Walther product.

Finished Mauser '98 barrels available in European calibers. We've had numerous requests for '98 Mauser barrels in 6.5x55, 7x57 and 9.3x62. These barrels are completely threaded and finished with a muzzle and long chamber. (see Lothar Walther website). All that is required is to remove a few thousands from the back and they are ready to go! No reamer required!
Email for more information.

45-70 Clips Available

Hunting and TargetTriggers now available for
Mauser 98,
Ishapore and
P14/17 Rifles

Important FAQs

Hunter Model

All steel housing with sear, trigger and plunger pin made of heat-treated tool steel.

Pull/weight adjustment.

Large viewing window allows precise sear/trigger setting.

Sear engagement/creep adjustment.

Replace that sloppy 2-stage military trigger with a modern fully adjustable Can-West unit!

*Note: trigger must be fitted by a qualified gunsmith. Detailed installation instructions provided with every unit.

Can-West Triggers

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
E-mail: canwesttriggers@sasktel.net

New Target Model also available!

Scope Mount for Lee-Enfield #4. Read more here.

Re-Barrel to .375 Flanged Nitro!


Western Canada:

JR's Custom Gun Smithing,
Box 29, Tom's Lake, BC V0C 2L0

Eastern Canada:

Looking for a dealer


Dow Arms Room
9250 U.S. Highway 301
Dade City, FL 33523
352 567-9800
hours 08:00 to 18:00, Wednesday through Saturday

Installation instructions